Welcome.  I have put this site together to look at issues that are important to everyone but not usually examined beyond a shallow dive.  People’s health is taken for granted in New Zealand.  There are issues that need some opinion and context.

I have been interested and studied many different health aspects.  With the rapid advances in technology improving  treatment, the most influential aspect to improve the populations health and safety is to improve the prevention space.

New Zealand is a great country.  It has a background in getting things done and punching above it’s weight on the international stage.  But there is always room for improvement and our “she will be right”  attitude to health has now come to haunt us.

Because we look superficially there is a need to understand the issues when a crisis appears.  Firefighting leaves us open to not improving in the long term.  I want this blog to help people that want to look at health and emergency issues in New Zealand

We will look at different issues in New Zealand and provide comment and insight.  I will be looking at issues across disease, drugs, environment, housing, the workplace and emergency management.  Each part interrelated and cannot be siloed to have a consistent and effective approach.

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